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Jr. Golfers

If you have or are a junior athlete, now is the time to take advantage of the precious windows of trainability in childhood. Our experience has taught us that the foundation for life is formed during our childhood and adolescent years and it is the opportunity to get a head start on athleticism as an adult.

My background consists of a degree in Early Childhood Development and teaching in the public school system to coaching hundreds of junior golfers using the Long Term Athletic Development model. With the Titleist Performance Institute junior research and methodology, our goal is to encourage physical literacy, develop solid movement patterns, and increase a positive self-efficacy in our youth.

-Mindi Boysen

man swinging golf
  • Locomotion, stability, object control and awareness skills are important.
  • Experiencing first speed window for agility, speed, quickness, and change in direction activities.
  • Appropriate length and weight of clubs is paramount
  • Concepts of grip, posture, alignment, ball position, balance and weight shift are understood.
  • Advanced FMS may be introduced:  hopping and bounding for skill acquisition.
  • Green reading, face alignment, course management, and score should be practiced.
  • Limit other sports participation to 3 sports maximum.
  • Should be physically literate (locomotor skills, object control, body awareness).
  • Growth spurt in this phase which leads to poor coordination & skill regression.
  • Limit other sport participation down to 2 sport maximum.
  • Second speed window of trainability:  speed, power, strength focus.
  • Physical fitness (activation, mobility, stability) should be 40% of golf program.
  • Nutrition and recovery techniques should be stressed.
  • Golf practice should be 70% block practice and 30% random (hit 1,000 balls per week).
  • Play >18 holes per week and own a full set of custom fit clubs.


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