...adding years to your golfing life and life to your golfing years!


Fit For Golf! Fit For Life! is a program designed to not only help improve your game, but your lifestyle as well. Whether you are just beginning to play golf, a weekend amateur golfer, or even a tournament player, this will be an invaluable tool for you to get your game where you'd like it to be.



In the past, golf has been viewed as a relaxing way the "inactive population" spend a day. It's the perfect sport with little athletic ability needed and no grueling off and pre-season training. That is most likely why golf has recently become on of America's favorite pastimes…if you can spend the time! There are now over 28 million people, almost 20% of our population playing golf yearly. Golfers are everywhere and wearing everything!Times are definitely changing! If we take a look back at the body types of many professional golfers in history. Fitness was NOT a focus…and, at the time, really didn't seem to be needed.

Now as we look at what is happening to the bodies of the pros, we see more athletic builds and weight loss throughout the entire tour. From baby boomers to the younger generations alike, no matter what age, aesthetics may not entirely be the focus, but function and fitness definitely are!If you want to play better golf today, you practice by swinging the club a bunch of times and whacking a lot of balls. If you want to continue to play better golf tomorrow and years down the road, then it's time to get on the cutting edge of the fitness movement. Get out of your comfort zone and put the extra effort in to fine tune your body.


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Fit For Golf! Fit For Life! is at Tatum Ranch Golf Club.
Fit For Golf!  Fit For Life!

DCGA Junior Golf Fitness Combine 2020

1 mile run
15ft cone speed run
Broad jump
Sit up & throw

...unleashing our inner athletes!
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Fit For Golf! Fit For Life! is at Terravita Golf and Country Club.
Fit For Golf!  Fit For Life!

Welcome to the TGIF "Power-Fall" Series Episode1!

In this segment, the Director of Instruction, Ron Gring and I demonstrate the importance of the lower body for club head speed and power development.
Ron is so smart, he likes to "NERD OUT" a bit, while I show you my version of STRENGTH + SPEED = POWER!

Try some of these exercises at home now....and you will be ready for the new 2020-21 golf season here in AZ! youtu.be/wrQyzALe6tE
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Ron Gring. You rock!

Fit For Golf! Fit For Life! is at Dan Campbell Golf Academy.
Fit For Golf!  Fit For Life!


Meet Aveeva Mirchandani.

Aveeva @aveevamirch is an 8th grader and was introduced to golf at the age of 7 when she attended Top Golf Summer Camps.  After a year there, she got the golf bug and became a member of @dancampbellgolfacademy @tatumranchgolfclub led by @dhince33 and @austin.blake87 According to her and her parents, it was the best decision ever and they were all thrilled that a fitness component was involved.

Aveeva's Nana (G'pa) believes that golf is a sport you can play for a lifetime, encouraging integrity, patience, focus and infinite challenges.  He is ecstatic that she is playing and even beat him last year.

Aveeva makes small, incremental goals.  She has had experience playing in the AzJGA tournaments and looks forward to moving to #uskidsgolf and strives to be on the HS team.

Aveeva is focused and successful in academics and truly enjoys French, Social studies, and Language Arts.  In fact, she has experience with Spanish, French, Latin, Mandarin and Hindi!

Hemant @hemirch and Prena @prerana_mirch are Aveeva's parents.  Her 8 yr old brother, Neev likes to call her Didi (older sister in Hindi) and is learning golf now because of her influence.

Baking is a favorite pastime.  Aveeva just baked her Mom a birthday cake recently along with Flan, Merengue, @candacenelson cupcakes and brownies.  She likes to eat her own baking, but her favorite cuisine is Mexican.  Nothing beats a Chipotle burrito in her world!

A few years ago, Aveeva got CPR and ASHI certified for Child Babysitting & Safety @desert_foothills_ymca.  She finds babysitting young kids so fun and now can handle home safety and emergency situations.

Though exposed to many sports over the years, Aveeva has found golf to be the most comfortable physically due to her allergies.

Currently, Aveeva's favorite golfers to watch are @brysondechambeau and @xanderschauffele. Her highlight is going to the #wmpo every year to see the pros in person. In fact, @rickiefowler took the time to sign a picture of her with him and mail it to her with a ball and hat!  Wow!  What a guy!

#golffitness #mytpi #fitforgolf #juniorgolfersrock #azgolf
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#wisewordwednesday. CHANGE

Do you want to break a habit, achieve a goal, and transform your life?  You can!
One of the best-known approaches to change is the Stages of Change or Transtheoretical Model, introduced in the late 1970s by researcher James Prochaska. The Stages of Change model has been found to be an effective aid in understanding how people go through a change in behavior.

Stage 1: Precontemplation
People in this stage may wish to change, but for the immediate future have no plans to do so. They may not be fully aware of all the potential benefits, or they may feel disinclined to try because of past failed attempts, or a lack of available energy.

Stage 2: Contemplation
Those in the Contemplation stage are thinking about taking action, but aren’t quite ready or don’t know how to get started. Contemplators often think they might make the behavior change within the next six months, and they’re open to information and feedback.

Stage 3: Preparation
People in the Preparation stage are getting ready to take action. They are more decisive, confident and committed; they’re developing a plan and may have already taken small steps. At this point, the pros of making the change clearly outweigh the cons.

Stage 4: Action
Beyond just thinking about it or preparing to act, a person in this phase has actually begun doing something (or a lot of things) differently, and may be experimenting with expanding his or her efforts. Even if the changes are small so far, he or she is building momentum.

Stage 5: Maintenance
Individuals in the Maintenance stage have managed to stay in Action mode for at least six months. Their new behaviors have started to become a more integrated part of their lifestyle and identity, and their risk of relapse is much lower than when they began.

Stage 6: Termination
When people in the Maintenance stage continue their healthier behavior for at least two years.According to Prochaska, about only 15 to 20 percent of people ever make it to Termination.

As long as you can identify the stage you are in, you will always know what you need to do to get back on track, recommit to your goal and make forward progress.
#change #winner #control
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"School" is back in session!

Robert Frost once said, “Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence.”


The ways you see life determines what you value,
what you value determines what you learn,
What you value determines what you live for
What you live for determines how you live
So if you see life as:
A poem, you learn words
A problem you learn solutions
A relation,you learn communication
A game, you learn tricks
A battle, you learn to fight
A job, you learn duty
A race,you learn speed
A marathon, you learn endurance
A study, you learn logic
An act, you learn emotions
A music, you learn notes
A dance you learn steps
A beat, you learn to dance
A community you learn people
A weather, you learn shelter
A storm you learn strength
A turn, you learn patience
A trade you learn money
A jungle you learn survival
An ocean, you learn to swim
A mountain you learn scaling
A valley, you learn graceful descent
A commitment you learn honesty
A death zone, you learn killing
A mystery, you learn adventure
An adventure, you learn living
A fashion you learn dressing
A competition you learn scarcity
A cooperation you learn abundance
A team work you learn networking
A lie, you learn to the truth
A truth, you learn freedom
The goal to being free is to learn your lies, challenge and face them
A job you learn duty,
When you see life as comparison, you learn envy
Destructive envy leads to priority misplacement,
This leads to value misplacement- the root cause of shortsightedness and selfishness
So, see right to learn right to live right

Poem by Genie

#learning #schoolisbackinsession #physicalliteracy
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