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If you want to take your golf game to the next level, it all starts here at THE CLUB.

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Hi, I’m Mindi Boysen, CLUB Owner and one of five Caddies at your Service. I have been helping people like you be the best they can be for over 30 years. I moved to the Phoenix area of Arizona searching for sunshine and golf. With my Pilates and strength training background I was hoping to find a progressive-thinking clientele in a cutting-edge atmosphere. The North Scottsdale Private Golf Clubs were a perfect fit for me.

This is the Mecca for golf enthusiasts. But it can be tough to play well into our later years when injuries and pain lead to inconsistencies and lack of distance. So, with the help from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI), I have created a team of seasoned and talented individuals (Caddies) who have come together at THE CLUB to assist with your every athletic need to succeed.

We can supply the program you need to become the best YOU! We believe our best years are ahead of all of us.

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Every two years, the Titleist Performance Institute (also known as the Mothership) in Oceanside, California awards it’s Life Fitness equipment at cost to a TPI certified member who demonstrates a background and a vision to create quality golf performance programming. In 2022, THE CLUB at Fit For Golf! Fit For Life in Scottsdale, Arizona was the chosen as the “Chance At Best” recipient.

“We have been training with THE CLUB for almost six years, and we have made meaningful positive impact in our fitness levels and overall quality of life. Steve is a competitive national senior golfer, the work they do with him maintains his strength, increase his flexibility and allow him to maintain clubhead speed and play at an elite level. Betty is a recreational golfer and tennis player, and they have helped her maintain and increase her overall level of fitness.

“Mindi is the very best trainer I have ever worked with. I am 75 and wanting to be in better condition , especially for golf. Mindi is very kind and does not want clients uncomfortable or sore. Each workout is effective and efficient. She is a dear friend now and always seems to know what I need. She is very patient with me. A + rating.“

“I have been playing golf since 13 years old. Due to several factors, I let myself get out of “golf shape” and my game had deteriorated significantly over the past couple of years. So in March, I contacted Mindi for an evaluation and subsequent program to get back in “golf shape”. Working with Mindi on flexibility, core strength and speed, I have seen significant improvement in ball striking and distance. She has done an amazing job of pacing the workout routines so that a 75+ year old can actually see real steady improvements and get back to playing some good golf. She is a great instructor and a pleasure to work with!”

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