...adding years to your golfing life and life to your golfing years!

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Fit For Golf! Fit For Life! is a division of Boysenbodies Lifestyle Coaching Services.

Though both companies are now based in the North Phoenix/Scottsdale area of Arizona, they offer various fitness, nutritional, stress and lifestyle management services across the entire country encompassing all aspects of health and wellness. 
Corporations and golf clubs can utilize our services through staff enrichment programs as well.

Topics can include, but are not limited to:

  • What Is TPI and How Can It Help Your Golf Game?
  • Is Your Swing Fault Due To Poor Mechanics Or Physical Limitations?
  • Pre-Round Preparation Techniques
  • Nutrition For The Golfer
  • Stress Management
  • What Do Pilates and Yoga Do For The Body?
  • Functional Training
  • You Are Only As Old As Your Spine
  • Women's Health
  • Junior Athletes

Lifestyle Coaching Services

HEALTHY:  being in good physical and mental condition; implies energetic activity; absence of disease and sickness; capable of withstanding hardship

LIFESTYLE:  way of life or style of living that reflects attitudes and values; the physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, occupational, and emotional experiences that constitute a person's existence

Our company offers various fitness, nutritional, stress and lifestyle management services across the state of Arizona encompassing all aspects of health and wellness.   Our goal is to help our clients on their journey to be the most balanced individuals/family they can be by living up to their potential

How? ....by managing and leading a lifestyle of proper diet, exercise, andstress management! This includes surrounding oneself and family with positive energy starting in their own home!Are you "hole-istic" or "WHOLE-ISTIC"?

Personalized and family lifestyle coaching is all about…

  • making a commitment to your health
  • becoming a more balanced individual/family member
  • achieving optimal physical performance
  • having a strong desire for results
  • getting motivation and support
  • participating in exercise correctly and safely
  • managing time efficiently
  • challenging your mind, body, and spirit
  • enhancing quality of life

Mindi Boysen, a certified Lifestyle/Weight Management Consultant, has been in the health and fitness industry for 21 years. She specializes in helping clients achieve their goals and believes that striving for synergy and harmony in the home is a journey and process that is very individualized. "Adding years to someone's life is gratifying, but what is more essential is adding life to their years."

"If your body is not becoming to you, then you should be coming to us."

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