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Trees Friend

Adult, Amateur


Years working out: 20 Years
Years at Tatum Ranch: 8 Years
Age: 64
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 204

School/College: University of Akron

Interest/Hobbies: Working Out / Golf /Most Sports

Family: Wife "Loretta" and 3 Granddaughters 16, 20, 23

Goals: Helping friends and family with Real Estate needs

Fitness Testimonial & Plan:
I workout 4-5 days per week for about an hour. Mindi changes my programs every 6 months to make sure I do not get stale. Everyday I do cardio and a lot of stretching. As we get older our flexibility decreases but in my case has increased.

Favorite part of training: I really enjoy the way I feel when my workout is done. So many people never workout long enough to get the high that comes from feeling good when you are done each day. I also like the fact that working out has allowed me to control my weight.

I have gone from 265lbs to 204lbs and maintained it for over 5 years.

Using Mindi's programs has also improved my golf game. I know I will never be great but I now shoot in the mid to high 80's and enjoy the game more.trees_friend_2


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