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Pete Howe

Adult, Amateur


Age: 61
Height:  5’10”
Weight:  190

Years playing golf:  48

School/College:  University of Calgary,       B.A. Economics 1974

Interest/Hobbies:  Golf, Fitness, Furniture Building, Home improvement, traveling, fishing

Family:  Wife Paula - avid swimmer and golfer, Daughter Liz (28) (only gets to play a limited amount of golf because she lives in Edmonton Alberta and the golf season is only 4 days long - she does, however beat her mother constantly), Son John (27) who lives in Calgary, Alberta (who is still sure that golf is a game for old people).

Overall: To live life to its fullest
Golf: To be competitive in important tournaments (B.C. Seniors, Canadian Seniors, Tatum Ranch Senior Club Championship and Club Championship)

Sponsors:   I wish!!!

Career Highlights:  
1996, 1998, 2002, 2003    Won 4 Kokanee Open Tourney at home course in B.C.
2003   City of Calgary Match Play
2006  Won The Canadian Senior Amateur Championship (biggest highlight!)
2009   Tatum Ranch Senior Club Champion

2012  Tatum Ranch Senior Club  Champion

Worked for 28 years with Mobil Oil Canada in the Human Resources area- had the opportunity to work in Canada, The U.S. (Dallas and Fairfax), London, England and Aberdeen, Scotland.

Fitness Testimonial & Plan:  

“As we get a little older nothing works quite as well as it used to! I always counted on the annual advances in technology that the golf equipment manufacturers came up with to take care of my annual loss in distance. Unfortunately, there came a time when the scientists just couldn’t stay ahead of my loss of strength and agility!

I had always tried to stay relatively active by running and lifting weights but the knees stopped cooperating and various other injuries made the fitness options pretty limited.

When I first joined Tatum Ranch I did the Titleist Performance Institute testing with Mindi and she had developed a program for me so we knew each other. When I returned to AZ in the fall of 2009, through whatever set of circumstances (living the high life, laziness...whatever) I was the heaviest I’d ever been in my life and was not very proud of the situation.
I came in to see Mindi at Tatum Ranch and she agreed to work with me to help me get into shape and through increased levels of fitness to improve my golf game.  She helped me at first by advising me on diet and supplements and by helping me to understand some of the bad habits I had fallen into. We now meet once a week and it never ceases to amaze me how from week to week she comes up with new and different routines that are designed both to improve my fitness level and my golf game. I try to work out at least another 3-4 times a week and with the litany of exercises she’s taught me in my repertoire there is no more of that “boring, same old stuff” syndrome. Seeing results is a wonderful motivator - it seems to be a lot easier to see those results with more tools to work with.”


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