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Alan Cole

Adult, Amateur


Age: 73

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 210

Handicap/Index: 8/7.6

Best score/Average score: 72/81

Years playing golf: 30

School/College: U. of Maryland
Interest/Hobbies: Golf/Travel

Family: Wife, 2 children, one grandchild

Goals: Remain Strong; lower handicap

I began workouts 3 years ago; then after a work assignment where I gained weight, I became serious about working harder with my trainer, and eating better.

Have lost 23 lbs. to date!
Goal is to lose 11 more and maintain.

I played baseball at college & service level with accompanying injuries to shoulders and other joints. Back pain accompanied most rounds since moving to AZ seven years ago. Now with my twice a week workout plan, back pain is minimal as hamstrings and glutes have loosened and flexibility has increased. "Goes to show that you're never too old."alan_cole_1

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