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In-Season: Phase III Flexibility Practice the sport!

To prevent injury after long activity days with many rounds, you must rehabilitate those sport specific muscles. As with Off and Pre-season training, stretching all muscle groups before and after play will aid in not only a successful golf swing with a larger range of motion, but movement control and balance as well. A loss of balance can reduce a backswing or completely change the swing plane and, thus, the shot outcome.

The basic flexibility exercises that address the muscle-joint actions most relevant to golfers are standing or seated hamstring, lower back, and upper back and shoulder stretches.


Neck rotation/turn ____
Shoulder shrugs/circles ____
Front cross/clap back ____
Clap front w/diagonal ____
Outer thigh/earswipe ____
Side bend ____
Round front reach ____
Swim back reachover ____
Merry-Go-Round ____
Golf swing ____
Opposite elbow/knee cross ____
Knee lift s-f ____
Leg kickout side ____
hamstring curl back ____
opposite hand/toe reach ____
diagonal hand/toe reach ____
Wide squat
Lunge slow


Downward dog ____
Upward dog ____
Kneeling scapula rotations ____
Lying hip rotations

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