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… getting your body, mind, and spirit working together for a better game

by Mindi Boysen

Synergy:noun : the harmonious effort of two or more things working together to produce an effect greater than the sum of their individual effects

The idea that “golf is more than just swinging a club” is not a new concept to most players. Although technique, club selection, and experience are all vital elements that lead to success, you will never reach your maximum potential without involving your whole being in the game. So then, what is Synergistic Golf? As stated in the definition above, it is the integration (simultaneously) of the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual elements of a player’s being to produce results that are more productive than the sum of all these elements individually.

BODY: Most non-professional golfers spend each day at a fairly sedentary job and look at the golf course as their little bit of exercise for the week. With the amount of force that goes into each swing, the undue stress on an imbalanced and inefficient body, repeated over and over, can cause irreversible damage! Golf is definitely a sport most people can enjoy, but only regular practice and correct exercise techniques will help to prevent injury and promote a better swing.

If you haven’t started an exercise program…..it is never too late! Make sure your program is balanced and includes:

  1. Dynamic and static flexibility exercises to help increase range of motion during the swing
  2. Strength training for the major muscle groups which will add more power to generate more club head speed with less effort
  3. Stabilization techniques to improve your balance and posture for consistency and control

MIND: Thinking positive thoughts will produce positive results. Processes such as visualization (using your mind’s eye to see yourself perform positively and successfully in all situations) and imagery (purposefully using your imagination incorporating all of your senses to project the best scenarios) are instrumental. For example, following a pre-shot routine of visualizing or imagining exactly what you want to happen and “dictating” to your body, club and ultimately the ball of the path they will take will lead to better results. Also, slow, controlled breathing techniques to calm the senses are of utmost importance.

SPIRIT: Remember this equation…..E+R=O.

Event + Response = Outcome.

You WILL have misses. You WILL get tired. Your ball WILL inexplicably roll behind a tree or like a missile, take off above a house into someone’s pool. These events WILL happen in the middle of a tournament instead of just on the driving range. But it is the response with which you choose to adorn these events that dictate the outcome of the next event. Are you a person who sees the glass half empty or half full? Can you easily bounce back from skulls and shanks? Life (and golf) offers one opportunity after another for major blunders, often showing our weaknesses to the whole world. When we laugh at ourselves, they become trivial. When we take ourselves too seriously, it can feel like everything we do is a major effort-even playing a game of golf. Once we allow ourselves to laugh, we break down the walls of pressure, negativity, and seriousness.

To play your best golf, you must incorporate all three of these components into your game. I guarantee it won’t happen overnight, but it can happen, if you let it,…one day at a time!

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FLEXIBILITY/STRESS RELIEVER: Upward Facing Dog: opens tight chest muscles to reduce rounded shoulder syndrome as well as tight hip flexors, enhancing ability to turn more in backswing and extend follow through

FLEXIBILITY/STRESS RELIEVER: Downward Facing Dog: elongates entire body and opens shoulder girdle to support better posture at address and throughout entire swing

STABILIZATION/BALANCE/MENTAL FOCUS:Big Ball Body Bridge: develops stability in leg and trunk muscles and promotes body awareness

STRENGTH/POWER:Heavy Ball Swing:

Promotes trunk rotational ability with stabilized lower body; mimics golf swing with resistance

Mindi Boysen is a Certified Golf Conditioning Specialist endorsed by Tatum Ranch Golf Club in Cave Creek, AZ. She has recently released “Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!”, a golf fitness program on DVD’s as well as her new book, Synergistic Golf, outlines each day of the year with golf performance enhancing tips. You can catch Mindi demonstrating golf specific exercises on Golf America on Fox Sports Net nationwide. She is also a partner of the Arizona Women’s Golf Association and is available for private or group sports conditioning training as well as seminars and nutritional consultations. Contact her at (480)203-6228 or mindi@fitforgolfusa.com

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