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Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!, Big Ball Workouts

(from the DVDFit for Golf! Fit for Life! - with Big Ball)


Getting Started

Workout #1

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Getting Started:

Welcome to FFG/FFL Big Ball Workout! I'm Mindi Boysen and as a Golf Fitness Trainer here in sunny Arizona, I meet with a variety of golfers on a daily basis with YOU being my newest client! Now golfers, like yourself come in many different sizes and shapes and have very unique abilities and needs, but the one thing you all DO have in common is that you want to play better golf!

In this workout program, I am going to take you to another level with a big ball also known as a stability ball. Hopefully, you've already become proficient or at least familiar with my other DVD programs using body weight and heavy balls. Though this program uses a different piece of equipment, you'll find it has the same three themes as the other programs and focuses on what you as a golfer really want:

(show me training people in 3 different scenarios)

  1. Flexibility to help make a complete turn in your swing in both the backswing and follow through
  2. More strength and well-trained muscles to aid in your ability to generate more club head speed for control and Power
  3. Better balance for weight shifting and posture control to maintain correct swing angle

Let's review the muscles used in a golf swing…

(show golfer and swing)

  • The leg and hip muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteals) are responsible for power production and initiate the golf swing
  • The midsection or core muscles (erector spinae, abdominals, and obliques) transfer force from the legs to the torso to accelerate even more.
  • The upper torso (pectorals, latissimus dorsi, and deltoids) produce the actual swing action and play a critical role in club head speed
  • The arm muscles (biceps, triceps, and forearm flexors/extensors) are responsible for club control and largely determine clubhead accuracy

In this workout, you will need a big ball or stability ball. If you are 5'5" or shorter, a 55cm ball is perfect for you. If you are taller than 5'5" then plan on using a 65cm ball. The ball is light, inexpensive, easily portable, and can be used as a chair at your computer when not exercising. It is absolutely key when wanting to improve your posture, balance, and trunk stability not only for your swing, but your lifestyle as well.

As with the my other DVD programs with body weight and weighted ball, this Big Ball program is broken up into two 15 minute workouts. You may elect to follow the workouts on alternate days or do both back to back in the same day for a longer workout session! Remember, always use good form and don't forget to breathe! Gook luck with your workouts and good luck with your game!

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