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Fit For Golf! Fit For Life! INTRODUCTION

(from the DVDFit for Golf, Fit For Life!)

WARNING: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. This or any other exercise program may result in injury. Any user of this program assumes the risk of injury resulting from performing the exercises. To reduce the risk of injury in your case, consult your Doctor before beginning this exercise program. The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. The creators, producers, participants and distributors of this program disclaim any liabilities or loss in connection with the exercises and advice herein.


Hi! I'm Mindi Boysen and I'm here in beautiful Arizona, the state known for it's sun more than 300 days a year AND golf all 365! Who could ask for anything more?
Welcome to Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!, a program that I guarantee will not only help improve your game, but your lifestyle as well. Now, whether you are just beginning to play golf, a weekend amateur golfer, or even a tournament player, this will be an invaluable tool for you to get your game where you'd like it to be. So go ahead...take all the lessons you want, hit your thousands of balls, buy some infomercial gadgets, read the PGA magazines, get the best new driver out there...but THIS program-the one you've already purchased-will be the most priceless of them all, IF you use it...you'll be glad you did.

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In the past, golf has been viewed as a relaxing way the "inactive population" spend a day. It's the perfect sport with little athletic ability needed and no grueling off and pre-season training. That is most likely why golf has recently become on of America's favorite pastimes...if you can spend the time! There are now over 28 million people, almost 20% of our population playing golf yearly. Golfers are everywhere and wearing everything!

(cut away to golfers wearing a variety of outfits)

Times are definitely changing folks! Take a look back at the body types of many professional golfers in history. Fitness was NOT a focus...and, at the time, really didn't seem to be needed! Now look at what is happening to the bodies of the pros! More athletic builds and weight loss are being seen throughout the entire tour! From baby boomers to the younger generations alike, no matter what age, aesthetics may not entirely be the focus, but function and fitness are!

(cut away to funny guy skit from the cars to the tee)

But here is a common scenario...most non-professional golfers rush from being behind desks all day to their cars, show up at the golf course, shove their bags on a motorized cart to the tee and start swinging hard! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! (people swinging & showing pain) With the amount of force that goes into each swing, the undue stress on an imbalanced and inefficient body over and over can cause irreversible damage!

Now, I know how it is... looking for that magical move that takes strokes off our scores lead all of us right to the driving range to hit hundreds of balls. Sure! Practice makes perfect...well, actually...Perfect practice makes perfect. Any basketball, football, or baseball player would agree that shooting basket after basket, throwing pass after pass, or pitch after pitch DOES improve consistency. The difference is that those other sports have required serious off-season and pre-season training drills to maximize their skills and help prevent midseason injuries for years. Hey golfers....WE'RE FINALLY CATCHING ON! That is why you are sitting there watching me.



You've made the move, you've bought my video, you're sitting in front of your tv. Why? To improve your game!...To hit the ball more accurately, a great distance...To bring down your handicap! So what is the bottom line? What do golfers really want and need? What do YOU want and need?

(cut away to golfer swinging once w/limited motion, then again with full)

1) "I want to be able to complete a backswing and have an extended follow through"

... To make a complete turn in your swing, it is imperative that you improve flexibility throughout your entire body

(cut away to golfer....)

2) "I want to add more control and power to my swing"

...Adding more well trained muscles to your frame will aid in your ability to generate more club head speed

(cut away to golfer hauling bag poorly and looking tired)

3) "I want to improve your energy and not be so tired when I get to #16"

... remember we are talking at least 4 hours of physical activity... Physiological & psychological stamina and focus must improve to enable full concentration for every shot

(cut away to golfer holding back and/or rubbing elbow area in pain)

4) "I don't want to hurt or be sore anymore."

...Preventative maintainance on injury prone areas will help ensure painless rounds. Leading injuries for men...Back. For women...shoulders and arms

Look, you want to play better golf today, you practice by swinging the club a bunch of times and whacking a lot of balls. You want to continue to play better golf tomorrow and years down the road, then get on the cutting edge of the fitness movement. Get out of your comfort zone and actually apply what I am about to show you...PUT the extra effort in and fine tune your body.

Now I'm not a golf pro and don't pretend to be one. But analyzing a swing and knowing what muscles need to be used and in what order they are to be used is something I DO KNOW. Let's look at a swing...

(golf pro demonstrating swing with arrows pointing to muscles)

  • The leg and hip muscles (quadriceps, hamstrings, and gluteals) are responsible for power production and initiate the golf swing
  • The midsection or core muscles (erector spinae, abdominals, and obliques) transfer force from the legs to the torso to accelerate even more.
  • The upper torso (pectorals, latissimus dorsi, and deltoids) produce the actual swing action and play a critical role in club head speed
  • The arm muscles (biceps, triceps, and forearm flexors/extensors) are responsible for club control and largely determine clubhead accuracy


Did you know?

  • At least 32 major muscles are involved in a full golf swing?
  • Leg muscles generate 80% of a golf swing's power?
  • During a backswing, the range of motion for the shoulders is 102 degree rotation, for the hips, only 47 degrees
  • The "yips" which are convulsive-like twitches that occur during putting affect nearly 12% of all golfers. They are involuntary movements due to extreme focused and finely controlled motor behavior.

Getting back to what I DO know, there is the ideal world and the real world. The ideal world would go something like this....you'd be turning off your TV right now calling me up and saying..."Hey Mindi! I'm a golfer! I've never really worked out before but I've been hearing so much about the importance of "fine tuning my golfing machine" that I want to start. I have UNLIMITED FUNDS, UNLIMITED TIME, AND I'M OPEN TO NEW IDEAS. TAKE ME, I'M YOURS!

That is what every personal trainer wants to hear!

Again, ideally now...it this was you..., I would divide your year up into 3 seasons, off-pre-in-season.

(cut away to mindi with clients & voiceover)

In off season, I'd get you in the gym and we'd be using all kinds of machines and toys working on your front and back, pushing and pulling to increase your base and core strength. Add some density and power to those muscles...about a minimum of 3 days per week.

Once I feel you have a strong enough base and balance of muscle we'd maintain with light workouts 2x a week, but really focus on the sport specific skills utilizing tiny, but very key muscles with particular attention to the low back, rotator cuff musculature and other joints.

Now, in-season is not the time to make drastic changes to your machine. This is a great opportunity to capitalize on flexibility daily, mental stamina and focus for your round, and balance and posture. A loss of balance can reduce a backswing or completely change the swing plane, and thus, the shot outcome.

(back to me..fast!)


Limited funds, limited time, and limited motivation? My program is designed with those 3 items in mind.

1st) Limited funds: there is no equipment needed in Level one. You've already made your purchase and you didn't break your bank doing it.

2nd)Limited time: I am asking you for a commitment of only 15 minutes a day 6 days a week! That's how long it takes to play one hole from tee to green! It's that easy!

Hey! You may get hooked and combine all 3 workouts into one day and it is still only 45 minutes!

3rd) Limited motivation?: Come on! I'm giving you the tools, I'm taking you through each step, and you are guaranteed to see results IF you actually get out of bed each morning, turn me on, and smile your way to longer, accurate shots.

Okay...You've got 3 workout themes..

  1. Dynamic & Static Flexibility
  2. Strength training for the major muscle groups
  3. Stabilization techniques to improve your balance and posture

You need ALL THREE!

(cut away to me biking, a different swimmer or me running)

The fitness component I have neglected, but not forgotten is cardiovascular endurance. On your own, try to walk, run, bike, swim, play a different sport even to work on the most important muscle of your body...your heart!

In fact, if you put as much heart into your golf fitness routine as you do your game, success is just around the corner.

My wish for you is that within 6 weeks of consistently progressing through your themed workouts, you'll have them memorized and you won't need me anymore...but I'll be back...keep your eyes open for my next Level 2 of Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!.

I leave you with this quote which kept my inspiration high throughout this taping process. I , too, have had limited funds, limited time, but not limited motivation.

"When you get right down to the root of the meaning of the word "succeed", you find that it simply means to follow through."

Thanks for listening, I wish you luck! Hit ‘em straight and keep your eye on the ball!


Welcome to Workout 1: Flexibility! In this workout, we will focus on warming up the major joints used in the sport of golf. Remember, any limitation you have around your joints cannot only hinder your swing performance and shot outcome, but the imbalance can place undue stress on other joints.

My goal as a trainer is to challenge you enough to find your strengths AND your weaknesses. If a movement doesn't feel right, or if you know of an injury you are already rehabilitating, don't push it. Use common sense!

Here are some other guidelines when stretching:

(voice over with bullet points?)

  • Start all movements slowly and controlled. Do not "throw" your limbs into position
  • Start with a small ROM and gradually increase as you get warmer.
  • Breathe! Never hold your breath! Breathing allows oxygen to get to the muscles and relieve stress.
  • Visualize longer and taller posture throughout each movement. Evenly disperse your body weight.
  • READ YOUR BODY SIGNS! Make sure the movement does not cause pain. A slight pulling sensation is fine.
  • Repeat each exercise approximately 10 times.


You've warmed up your muscles and joints in Workout 1. Now let's really get to work and capitalize on your strength for your swing power and club head speed.

Again, as with flexibility, if you find a movement uncomfortable and causes pain around a joint, stop and skip that exercise. Remember practice makes progress! I'm going to show you a variety of exercises. As you progress, you will be able to finish even more repetitions with ease.

Here we go!

Squat, wide squat, lunges, leg lift outs

Plyometric level 2 with all movements above

Pushups m-w-n, dips, Basic crunch, Crunch with twist, reverse crunch, Roll up, single leg stretch, bicycle, scissors, Superman


Welcome to Workout #3: Stabilization! When our machines are finely tuned and all the systems work in harmony...it can make a golfer very happy. This is my favorite workout. I feel it is the most challenging and biggest test for you. Many people look at a person on the outside to judge whether or not they are in shape. But it is the tiny muscles on the inside that determines functional strength. You've heard, don't judge a book by it's cover, well don't judge a golfer by their bodies!

I have put together a sample of the most effective and efficient exercises using no equipment that will challenge not only your body as a whole, but your mental stamina and focus as well. As with the other workouts, breathing is of utmost importance for performance.

I'm going to be mentioning "shake zone" a lot. When a muscle shakes, it is in a prime location or posture for recruiting as many fibers as possible for fatigue. Shaking is a great thing! So your goal is to find a position which evenly disperses your body weight.

  1. Standing roll down and roll up
  2. One leg balances
  3. Planks f-s-b on elbows and hands
  4. Planks with one leg elevated and with twist
  5. Kneeling knee lifts and opposite arm/leg lifts
  6. Rolling Like a Ball
  7. Open leg rocker

Pre-Round Quickie: Golf Cart Stretch

All athletes, regardless of their sport, stretch and warm up right before a game or match. It should be no different with golf. Swinging the club on the driving range is a great start, but there are some other key muscles that need your attention. It only takes a few minutes.

While your partners in your foursome are teeing off, go ahead and take each end of your club in your hands and swing it in different planes...

Some static stretches by your golf cart for your at risk areas such as your back and hips...

You have a pre-shot routine that you try to abide by...and it gives you the security of repetition...why not a pre-round routine?

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