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Exercise Your Way To Better Golf

We've all heard it before and we all resist the thought of a regular exercise program – no matter how little time it takes or how small the work-out. But what would you think if the few minutes each day you devote to the health of your body would actually improve your golf game? Here are some words of wisdom from a physical fitness trainer to get you started on some easy but helpful exercises to strengthen the muscle groups that will affect your swing, stance, and stamina.

Mindi Boysen, Certified Golf Fitness Specialist, is Tatum Ranch Golf Club's golf conditioning specialist. Her program has been so well received there that she decided to create a DVD series, "Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!" allowing golfers all over to benefit from her expertise. Mindi was a physical fitness teaching professional at IUPUI in Indianapolis and has extensive background in pilates, yoga, and sports specific training. "I've come to know the mentality of MOST golfers," says Mindi. "They want to golf...not work out. If you take a look back at the body types of many professional golfers in history, you'll see that fitness was not a major focus. But golfers are definitely catching on to the connection between a strong body and a good game of golf. Now fitness is becoming more prevalent in the entire tour. That's why I came up with a program that doesn't require any equipment and very little time."

Mindi's DVD program consists of three fifteen-minute workout themes involving all aspects of fitness for a golfer. The first focuses on FLEXIBILITY to develop a complete backswing and extended follow through. The second aspect is STRENGTH exercises, which increase power to generate more club head speed. And the third area of the workout is STABILITY/POSTURE, which reduces your chance of injury and increases mental focus. It also has a segment for pre-round stretches at the tee box to help warm up the major joints before playing.

One of the advantages of working with Mindi is that she developed exercises and techniques that incorporate the biomechanics of the golf swing AND focus on individual strengths and weaknesses. We can all benefit from Fit For Golf! Fit For Life! in either of two ways. First of all, Mindi's DVD is a fun and effective way to do the right exercises to help your golf game. You'll be surprised at which areas of your body need improvement. (I exercised along with this DVD and definitely found it to be working on parts of my body that had not been receiving proper attention! And I felt that Mindi was right there with me through the whole process.) Her DVD is available to all AWGA members at a deeply discounted price not offered at any other outlet of only $24.95, which is 50% off the retail price. For those of us who are self-conscious of our athletic ability, this option allows us to be free to lose our balance, take a break, or yell at the video without anyone knowing! The second way to
take advantage of Mindi's program is to hire her as a golf fitness coach. This may sound like it's not an affordable activity but Mindi has worked out a plan that many of us (those living in the greater Phoenix area) can not only afford but may also really enjoy. She is willing to do weekly group classes at a member's home for only $100 an hour plus travel, depending on where in the Valley you live. (Her regular fee at Tatum Ranch is $65 per hour.) Divide $100 by 5 people and it quickly becomes affordable to even the most budget conscious golfer. Typical sessions include, Body Composition Measurements, Swing Evaluation, Pre-Game Training, and Techniques to Build More Power in Your Swing. This group method combines the dreaded exercise program with an hour of fun with friends to produce a stronger body for a better golf game. Exercise also contributes to an increased production and release of much-needed endorphins, which produce euphoric feelings, appetite control, and the
release of sex hormones. Now who can find fault with these benefits!

Call Mindi today at 480-203-6228 for more information about her golf fitness program and how she can help your golf game.

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