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Advanced Routine: Posture & Balance Many of the exercises listed can be modified & varied using medballs, stability balls, BOSU, dynadiscs or foam rollers for stability challenges.


Stg Rolldown/rollup ____
Stg one leg balances ____
Plank w/variations ____
Elbow plank w/variations ____
Ball plank drop & catch ____
Ball walk outs ____
Ball pikes ____
Ball walk out w/rotation ____
Kneeling ball balance ____
Stg medball balance ____
Kneeling stability knee lift ____
Kneeling Opposite arm/leg ____
Full plank opposite arm/leg ____


Upper Body Matrix

up-out-cross-bi-row-cut ____

Lower body Matrix

f-s-b lunges ____

Super Leg Series

sq--lng--jump lng--jump sq____

Med Ball mix

over-under-around ____
Lucky 7 run series ____
Jumproping ____
Cone lateral jump & reach. ____

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