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Performance Portfolios

We want to witness your next…

72 holes $137.50/hr. = $10,000

$70/.5 hr.= $5,140

Approximately 2-3 days per week

54 holes $150/hr. = $8,200

$78/.5 hr.= $4,312

Approximately 2 days per week

36 holes $162.50/hr. = $5,950

$85/.5 hr.= $3,160

Approximately 2 days per week


27 holes $175/hr. = $4,825

Approximately 2 days per week


18 holes $187.50/hr. = $3,475

* All portfolios based on a 6 month season, yet available for a full 12 months.

Your Portfolio Includes:

Unlimited access to THE CLUB during each hole played: The Range & Performance Studio.

Each hole includes a lesson training session or treatment of choice with any Caddie. (50-70 mins)

THE CLUB Yeti for unlimited FloWater to save the environment & refuel.

Periodic Physical and Power Screening

Special Affiliation with Titleist, YETI, Golftini Wear, Dutch Bros, Zentopia CBD, and Cecilia Berkley Holistic Spa

All Portfolios zero out at the end of the year with $100 Mulligan added (enrollment fee)

“Aging is inevitable… decaying is optional.”

-Mindi Boysen
We cover it all…

Mobility, Stability, Speed, Power, Injury prevention and Nutrition Enhancement

With life’s pressures weighing us down for approximately 3 decades (20’s, 30’s 40’s), we all develop habits, which become hang-ups, which then become our “norm”. So whether you are in your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or even 90’s it is never too late to get the body and the golf game you want.

These are the years when we can truly reap what we have sown. I want to help you build upon the foundation you have formed to help you become more fit for golf AND life.

The CLUB @ Fit for Golf! Fit for Life!