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Personalized Coaching

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2015 RATES

• ONE 75 Minute One-on-One Session
• Functional Screening & Fault Review
• Golf Fitness Physical Baseline Findings
• DVD home workout program


Experience 2:  $210 (90min)

  • Take home 4 week Corrective exercise program

    PRIVATE TRAINING: 30 min/60 min
    • 1 session:   $125ea
    • 10+ sessions:   $110ea

    • Semi-private and half hour fees upon request



• Your financial commitment to your training is an investment in your good health.
• The “Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!” program is a results-oriented program with longevity and cost efficiency.
• Cancellation Policy: 24 hours notice is required to re-schedule appointments without charge.
• All training packages must be paid in full upon first session.

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