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Brady Schnell

Brady Benjamin Schnell, Nationwide Tour
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 175


Golf Mechanics Coach:  Mike Bender,  Mike Bender Academy

Golf Fitness Coach:  Mindi Boysen,  Fit For Golf! Fit For Life!

College: University of Nebraska @ Lincoln

Family: My dad Curt is a golf professional, my mom Bennie helps him with the golf Nebraska @ Lincoln

Goals: Lower my scoring average from year to year, consistently become one of the best putters in history, and to make a living playing on the PGA tour.

Sponsers: Titleist, TriSource Solutions, Phreshwear Clothing, and 59 Belts

Proudest moment:  Having my father caddie for me at the John Deere Classic in my first ever professional tournament/first ever PGA tour event.

Testimonial & Fitness Plan: 

"My goal is to get my body to the point where I can use it for optimal performance to reach my goal of a lifetime on the PGA Tour.  Mindi and I are a great team and I feel as though our relationship will only grow as time goes on because I know first-hand that she is committed to helping and I have complete faith in her knowledge and dedication in helping me reach my goal.  The exercises she prescribes for me directly relate to where I need my body to be during my swing and when I am travelling, I can still workout by watching her DVD’s on my laptop in my hotel room."

"Working with Mindi for the past two years has really opened up my eyes to what it means to be golf specific in your workouts.  She has a real knowledge of where to take your exercises so that you can not only tone your body but also become more agile in the process in order to swing the club freely without having to worry about tight muscles.  She is a great person who will listen to your wants and needs while you talk through together the steps you want to take in fitness and golf so that you may reach your ultimate goals".



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