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Dear Parent of a Pre-Elite Junior Golfer (PREP),

Still using the Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model, the PREP is a critical phase where golf skills (and many sports skills) are really engrained for life. This is the TRAIN TO PLAY Phase and usually occurs for males 12-16yrs and females 11-15yrs of age.

TRAIN TO PLAY TO-DO LIST: ---Child should be physically literate by this phase. They should excel at the Learn to Play screen ---They usually go through growth spurt in this phase so look for poor coordination or skill regression ---They fall into their second speed window so focus on speed, power, and strength are parmount ---Physical fitness should be 40% of program. All aspects of conditioning including PREP (27)activation, body prep, mobility, strength/stability, cardiovascular conditioning, and recovery techniques are covered ---Should play minimum of 18 holes per week with practice 2-3x per week ---Should know rules of golf and have good control of their own game while playing (know distances, shot tendencies, risk/reward decision making) ---Limit to 2 sports maximum ---Height/weight ratios will be measured consistently ---SMASH ZONE WORK: Stability-Mobility-ABC’s-Sport Skills-Hone your golf skills

As stated in previous phases, not all kids develop at the same rate. Some kids are early maturers and some are late maturers. The good news is that our program takes those prep (1)factors into consideration. Maturity and development cannot be forced. We all go through it at some point. Allow your child to take the time they need to develop into a young aspiring golfer. ***It is important to know that this is a “tween” time for a lot of things…not just physical development. Taking a step back from small motor skills (chipping/putting/accuracy) when a growth spurt is occurring (hormones flying) may be a good idea. This is a sensitive time where the Five S’s (STAMINA/STRENGTH/SPEED/SKILL/SUPPLENESS) may not be equally responsive on a daily/weekly basis.

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