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Dear Parent of a Future Elite Junior Golfer (FEP),

The Long Term Athletic Development (LTAD) model is being used around the world and is becoming more prominent in U.S. programs. Currently your child is in one of the most critical phases of development where he/she must learn fundamental movement skills before proceeding to sport skills. Once the fundamental movement skills (FMS) are learned, then we are able to introduce golf & other sport skills:


  • Locomotion, stability, object control and awareness skills are important
  • Experiencing first speed window for agility, speed, quickness, and change in direction activities
  • Physical fitness should be 20% of program with focus on medicine balls, Swiss balls, and body weight exercises for stability and continue to develop mobility through dynamic warm-ups
  • Appropriate length and weight of clubs is paramount ---Concepts of grip, posture, alignment, ball position, balance and weight shift are understood
  • Advanced FMS may be introduced: hopping and bounding for skill acquisition
  • Green reading, face alignment, course management, and score should be practiced
  • Limit sports participation to 3 sports maximum
  • CYCLONE WORK: dynamic warmup and 12 distinct stations for FMS

Not all kids develop at the same rate. Some kids are early maturers and some are late maturers. The good news is that our program takes those factors into consideration. Maturity and development cannot be forced. We all go through it at some point. Allow your child to take the time they need to develop into a young aspiring golfer. Forcing them to perform skills that they are not ready for can be disastrous for them in the long run.

So, in our Future Elite Program (FEP), the sports we cross-train kids with share the same “DNA” with golf. Cross training allows us to teach the basic movements of the swing without having to talk about it much. It is our goal to help build a love for the game.

Your child will love to play golf if it is fun, if they can do it with their friends, if they can do it with YOU, and if it makes them feel good!

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