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By: Mindi Boysen, TPI CGFI


So, you think you want to be a golfer? Or do you want to be the BEST golfer you possibly can be? Once you’ve made the decision, you need to get your team together-working together-to help you achieve your highest potential in the sport you love. To get you on the right track, surround yourself with a team of experts. So, stop taking unsolicited advice from friends and golfing comrades and take the plunge to find your top 3 people in your golf world.


Certified Golf Instructor: An instructor will give you the foundation, fundamentals, and exact mechanics of a sound swing. DO NOT TEACH YOURSELF! There are 5 main parts of a basic golf swing: Grip/Address/Backswing/Transition& Downswing/Through swing. You can buy a book and read up on the fundamentals, but you need a hands-on approach with a certified instructor to guide you through the many swing faults you WILL have. Find an instructor and/or facility that use both 3D cameras as well as 2D video. These advanced lessons can help you notice proper sequencing and positioning of club and body that is not always noticed with the naked eye.

Certified Golf Fitness Coach: Once you know your basic fundamentals and understand what is involved with the swing, a certified golf fitness coach can screen your body to see if the swing faults you have are due to poor mechanics or lack of ability for the body to perform a good, solid, consistent swing. I’ve seen it time and time again…frustration! An instructor and golf student can work and work to achieve lower scores, but if the body cannot produce a consistent, repetitious swing-it isn’t going to happen! DON’T CHANGE YOUR SWING TO MATCH YOUR BODY! Change your body to match a correct swing! If you can’t get enough torso turn, if your hips are too tight, if you don’t have a strong base of support and balance…YOU WILL NOT GET BETTER!


Medical: The medical component of the team could consistent of a massage therapist or physical therapist. This is especially important if you have had injuries recently or in the past that inhibit performing a swing correctly. Massage is underrated in the golf world. A deep tissue massage can work wonders for the soft tissue around joints and within muscles where scar tissue may form. When starting a workout program or taking more lessons than usual, I suggest finding a massage therapist in your area and make it a point to have a massage once a week for a minimum of 4 weeks.   Have you had an injury? Go get a diagnosis and finish ALL of your physical therapy appointments.

Again, when you’ve made the decision that you DO want to be the best golfer you can be, do some research and find a team that works together and fits your needs. Check out www.mytpi.com for certified golf fitness instructors in your area. The Titleist Performance Institute has put together a three level education course designed to teach instructors how to identify and overcome any physical restrictions that are limiting a golfer’s potential.


Mindi Boysen is a Titleist Certified Level III Golf Fitness Coach endorsed by multiple private clubs in Scottsdale, AZ as well as the official fitness partner with the AZ women’s Golf Association and www.tees2greens.com. You can see her weekly on the syndicated TV show, Golf America nationwide. Her book, Synergistic Golf, outlines each day of the year with golf performance & life enhancing tips. Her 3 DVD series demonstrates flexibility, strength, and stability exercises used in the golf swing. Mindi is available for private or group golf fitness training as well as seminars and nutritional consultations.   Contact her at (480)203-6228 or mindi@fitforgolfusa.com or visit her site at www.fitforgolfusa.com.

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